Help Japan items by other wonderful creaters!

I feel relieved after setting up my charity items for Help Japan SL. So I'm gonna present here the beautiful items by other brilliant creaters.
NuDoLuからチャリティー商品をアップさせていただいてやっと一息。今日はHelp Japan in SLに参加しているクリエーターさん達のステキなアイテムをご紹介。でございます。

Skin : Esuga / Hair : esk-kimo / Muffler : deviant girls / Shirt : To One Lounge / Rabbit doll : NAMINOKE
You can get them all here :
Skirt is a new item by GATO. This one is normal item but Lalu put some charity items for the event too. Pls check out because they are just sooooo cute!!
Skirt : GATO *NEW


** Cherie ** said...

Hi, Neuilles, love your designs and picture, so beautiful ! ^^

Neuilles said...

Awww thank you Cherie!! Plz keep cheking my blog to be informed about upcoming events and new arrivals... <3