Gift from NuDoLu

I've just put a new gift from the shop. Hope you like it<3

Couleur poetique gift version

wearing it

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New arrival : Couleur cachee

Couleur cachee Bonbons AD

Couleur cachee Japonaise AD

Couleur cachee Rose antique AD

NuDoLu made its first vest! "Couleur cachée" means hidden color. You can't see in these AD pictures but I put different colors on outside and inside : hidden color (couleur cachée) and revealed color (couleur révélée). So I put 2 versions in 1 pack so that you can enjoy both colors at once! Hope you like these vests because you can wear them in warm season too!!

NuDoLu初お目見えのベストをリリースしました。"Couleur cachée"は「隠された色」と言う意味で、この写真ではわかりませんが表と裏でそれぞれ違った色を使っています(隠された色と暴かれた色・・・うーむ哲学的)。なので、リバーシブル風に両方の色が楽しめるよう1パックにつき2つのバージョンが入っています!ぜひお店に見にきて下さいませ。

Available @ main shop and Nanden Kanden market 

And!! I'm gonna soon put new gift so chack it out later:))

New arrival : Couleur poetique

New knit wear released @ NuDolu
NuDoLu Couleur poetique AD

I wanted to make some romantique clothing as I like always... and here is the result!
All 3 colors with rather short length so that you can wear spring too. Hope you like them!


Available @ NuDoLu main store 

New @ NuDoLu Voyage

Mes photos parisiennes AD 
I made picture wall deco for NuDoLu Voyage with the pics I took in my Paris life. Hope you take these pics to your lovely home <3


Available @ NuDoLu Voyage

New arrival : Mon chat en tricot

Mon chat en tricot AD


Knit sweater with my favorite kitty motif is out! You can wear as tunic because it's a little long as length. There are all 4 colors so please check them out at the store (^O^)/

Available @ Main store and Mobile shop

Pendant la pause...

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2011 new year started

Hope your 2011 is full of joy and hapiness!!
Neuilles Neuman