New @ TGGS and group gift!

New rotation of The Gallery Gift Shop has satrted (until Jan 14th)

I made 2 versions of Matriochka huggie dolls : Christmas or New Year :D

In New Year version, 2 dolls are included :
NuDoLu Voyage Tricot de Matriochka 2014 & JAN for TGGS AD

They would be great as gift for your loved ones <3

Also, I made a new group gift for my lovely group members :D

NuDoLu group gift December 2013 

Losse socks set (4 colors included)

Come to grab @ NuDoLu main store 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!!

Frost Fair 2013

Exclusive items for RMK Frost Fair 2013

Period : December 15th - 31st

Tops + skirt set
2 versions (Neige or Noel)

NuDoLu Frost Fair 2013 outfit Neige AD
NuDoLu Frost Fair 2013 outfit Noel AD

Hope you like them and see you @ RMK Gothic SIM

The Chapter Four December round!

TCF refreshed its place from December! Pls come to see our new building <3

This month NuDoLu is in gacha room (3rd room from the entrance).
We are waiting for you with colorful boots!

NuDoLu Botte fluffy gacha AD

Hope you like it and enjoy :D


Arcade gacha Dcember 2013 has opened!!

NuDoLu's item for Arcade gacha event (December 1st to 31st)

Handmade-ish wooden glasses (kitty or doggy)
DIY means "do it yourself" :D

NuDoLu Mes lunettes DIY gacha AD
NuDoLu Mes lunettes DIY all colors AD

My machine is at the entrance, just in the middle!
Direct TP >>> HERE

Hope you enjoy!!!

New @ TGGS <<< new location!

Hello! The Gallery Gift Shop has been moved to SAIKIN SIM, so the new rotation has started a little late this month...sorry for that!

So, I decided to put two Matriochka dolls (November & December versions) for this round... at one doll price :D It would be great for upcoming Christmas present <3333

NuDoLu Voyage Tricot de Matriochka NOV&DEC for TGGS AD

Also, there is an exclusive version of my lastest sweat tops... hope you like it!

NuDoLu Sweat boho parisien Hiver for TGGS AD

New mesh tops & LB item :D

New release @ NuDoLu main store <3

Rigged mesh sweat tops with boho-ish leather collar, lace and tiny bijoux...
All 10 colors
NuDoLu Sweat boho parisien AD

NuDoLu Sweat boho parisien all colors

There is also a new LB item (group members only) >>>

NuDoLu Sweat parisien Rose etoile LB AD

Hope you like them ♥

The Chapter Four November

New item for TCF (November 4th - 25th)

Under 100L room >>> don't miss this occasion :D

Rigged mesh skirt
All 6 colors
Jupe Carree AD 

Hope you like it ♥ 

TGGS & RMK Gothic Halloween 2013

New for TGGS October rotation (Oct 15th - Nov 14th)

Matryoshka huggie doll October version ♥

NuDoLu Voyage Tricot de Matriochka Octobre for TGGS AD

Also, we are participating to RMK Gothic Halloween 2013 (Oct 15th - 31st) :D

This event is not a hunt, so please read carefully how to play in their official homepage :
RMK Halloween

Here is my event prize ☆

Hope you have fun!!!!

New gacha items for TCF

New gacha items for The Chapter Four

October 4th - 25th

Accessoires serie hibou gacha AD

Common : owl bangle & ring set
Rare : owl buckle flat shoes
Trans OK / resize script included

Hope you like it <3333

Ohhhh I forgot...

I forgot to put the pic of the new item for TGGS...

I'm thinking to make every month a monthly doll to complete a collection in a whole year... what do you think??

 This is available until October 14th!!!

New @ Arcade gacha!!

NuDoLu's 1st Arcade gacha event. So excited :D

NuDoLu Derby compense Arcade gacha AD

Wooden platform shoes
Non rigged mesh
rans OK
Resize script included

Hope you like it!

NuDoLu's location in Arcade

New @ TGGS

New release for TGGS August rotation (August15th - September14th)

I made Autumn version of the last released long skirt :))

Hope you like it <3

NuDoLu Jupe longue tricot Gris AD

NuDoLu Jupe longue tricot Beige AD

New for The Chapter Four!

New item for The Chapter Four (August 4th - 18th)!

This time, I'm in the under 100L section, that means this item will be sold at normal price after the don't miss this chance <3

Rigged mesh long skirt
Bottom part is transparent
Very summer-ish <3

NuDoLu Jupe longue transparente Dots AD

Hope to see you @ TCF!!!

New release !

NuDoLu Debardeur chic AD

Rigged mesh tank top
Patit lace on the shoulder
Tucked design on the hem
All 6 colors

NuDoLu main store

  NuDoLu Suede AD

The Gallery Gift Shop 2nd anniversary!!

Doooooooh! I forgot to post this very important event...TGGS's 2nd anniversary hunt (until 14h August)!

NuDoLu is participating to TGGS from its opening and this has been a wonderful experience for me... I really want to thank all the TGGS designers/artistes and especially my sweet friend shortcake who are working so hard to make this event happen and keep a very very good atmosphere <3

So, like last year, TGGS is organizing an anniversary hunt adding more shops.

Hope you enjoy the hunt as well as my new items :D

<hunt item>
non rigged mesh moccasin shoes
NuDoLu TGGS anniversary hunt gift AD

<new special items>
rigged mesh relax pants 
for TGGS only <3
NuDoLu Pantalon antique de mamie Marine AD

NuDoLu Pantalon antique de mamie Hortensia AD

Hope to see you there <3

New gacha for The Chapter Four

New gacha item @ The Chapter Four (July 4th - 18th)

Russian doll's smart phone necklace
Non rigged mesh
2 rares + 15 commons

One of two rares is to wear on right hand (no pose included)

NuDoLu Portable de Matriochka AD 

Happy shopping <333 

New item for TGGS!

NuDoLu's new item for TGGS June rotation (until 14th July)

2 exclusive colors of heart motif jewelry sandals
Non rigged meh
resize script included

Hope you like it <333333

**NuDoLu is proud to annouce that we are registerd to SLOCCA (original content creators association) !!!

The Chapter Four 2nd routine!

I've put new gacha items for TCF (June 4th - June 18th)

Rabbit basket bags
22 common + 1 rare
Non rigged mesh

NuDoLu Sac de lapin gacha AD

Hope you like them <3333

The Chapter Four

New gacha items @ GALA#2

New gacha items are out for GALA#2 at SGB mall !!

June 1st - June 30th

Colorful flat shoes
22 common + 2 rare
Non rigged mesh

NuDoLu Ballerines de couleurs gacha AD 

TP to SGB mall 

Happy shopping <3333

New : tops, pants and shoes!

3 new items <3

Cat motif tank top
Rigged mesh (pls try demo)
All 6 colors

Granma's antique pants
Rigged mesh (pls try demo)
All 6 colors

Heart jewelry + bow sandals
Non rigged mesh
Resize script included
All 7 colors

Available @ NuDoLu main store

Hope you like them and happy fashion styling!! :D

New @ TGGS and new group gift!

New item for The Gallery Gift Shop

May 15th - June 14th
Mesh tea bag wall deco
All 2 colors
Sold at half price!! (They will be sold at normal price in NuDoLu Voyage after this round)

NuDoLu Voyage Tea time deco AD

Also a new group gift<3

Russian doll's small shelves (3 colors) + hair tie bracelet decorations (I made for TCF's gacha item's AD, and I decided to give them away!)

NuDoLu Voyage Group gift AD

Come get it @ NuDoLu main store or NuDoLu Voyage

The Chapter Four

NuDoLu is participating in a brand new event called "The Chapter Four".

There are 4 rooms which represent gacha room, buy 1 for 2 room, half price room and under 100L$ room.

You'll find NuDoLu's items in gacha room this time :)

Non rigged mesh
Trans OK (resize script included)
NuDoLu Chapeau long gacha AD
NuDoLu Bracelet elastique gacha AD

And I'm wearing other participants' items in my Flickr page :


Happy shopping! >> The Chapter Four

Playing cafe :D

I'm playing cafe recently and I made some tableware<3

Mesh goblets and plates
6 colors set each
Copy OK

Available @ NuDoLu Voyage
And if you're curious about my cafe-ish place, feel free to visit here !

New release !

New release for spring/summer :D

Cache-cœur dress
Rigged mesh
All 12 colors

As you see the picture, each dress comes with 5 colors tube tops (shirt layer, not mesh), so that you can enjoy many choices of inner <3

NuDoLu Robe de cache-coeur AD

Here is the styling picture :D

spring bee
All the credits here

Hope you like them <3333

Available@ NuDoLu main store

New release for TGGS!

New release for The Gallery Gift Shop <3 (April 15th - May 14th)

Linen moccasin shoes
2 colors
Non rigged mesh
Copy ok (resize script included)

NuDoLu Mocassin en lin Gris for TGGS AD

Hope you like them <3333

New shoes for S/S 2013

New release!

Lace moccasin shoes
Non rigged mesh
Resize script included
All 7 colors

NuDoLu Mocassins en dentelle AD

Hope you like it <333

TP to NuDoLu main store

New release! Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans denim colors <3

Rigged mesh
All 8 colors (2 colors x 4 patterns)

NuDoLu Jeans skinny Denim AD

Hope you like it<3
TP to NuDoLu maont store