I modified "Pull en or dans la rue" below and made another AD image. Gold is a powerful lucky color so I wanted to make something gold to bring a luck and happiness to those who wear this sweater/ dress<3 And ofcourse "Les Demoiselle de Rochefort" came from a French movie I love!


Next one is dedicated to Odile in "Swan Lake" ballet. I prefer Odile to Odette in caractor and dancing wise:P My first creation to express my love to ballet<3 Odile ROCKS!!


Winter preview

I will start the new collection from January 2010!!! Now I'm working so hard to make new stuff<3

An article about NuDoLu?!

Haha! I made an newspaper cover about my new collection whose theme is "MORI Girl" (= literarily "A girl in a forest"). Did you know MORI Girl is IN in Japan?? I didn't!!! The naming seems to be a little strange but I like the taste of clothing. Also, I wanna put impressionist / theatrical kinda taste in my new collection because I love the tender colorings and movements in paintings / theaters.


KUMAMOTO JAPAN Happy Winter Hunt!!

KUMAMOTO JAPAN Happy Winter Hunt 2009 info:::::


1 ) SIM中に散らばっているポラロイド写真を探してタッチ!ギフト引換券が1枚ずつもらえます。ダミーも散らばっているので注意!本物は全部で11枚あります。(no1, no2, no3, no4-A, no4-B, no4-C, no5, no6, no7, no8, no9)
ハント期間:2009年12月15日(0:00 SLT)〜25日(0:00 SLT)

※no4の引換券は3枚あります。no4に関しては、3枚全部(No4-A, no4-B, no4-C)集めないとギフトがもらえませんので注意して下さい!

2 ) 見つけた引換券を持って、引き換え期間中にギフト交換所へ行きましょう。ギフト交換スタッフ(KUMAMOTO HILLS CELEBのグループタグが目印)がいますので、案内に従いながら、見つけた引換券に応じたギフトをもらって下さい。11枚全部見つけた人は当然ギフト全部がもらえますよ!

注意! 交換方法と、ギフト一覧はギフト交換所に設置してあるボードをご覧下さい。ギフト交換は、ギフト交換スタッフがいる時のみ可能ですので、ご了承下さいませ。

3 ) さらに!!ギフトを交換した皆さんの中から、なななんと抽選で1名様に豪華賞金(驚きの10,000リンデン)が当たりますー!!!

今回のハントは、参加者の皆さんと熊本ジャパンの親睦を深める意味もありますので、お気軽にスタッフに声をかけて下さいね♬ ギフトをゲットした上に豪華賞金が当たるこの熊本ジャパンのハントに、皆さんぜひご参加下さい!

Neuilles Neuman
tagoneko Pizzicato
Kennykenny Rubble
Gracy Haggwood
Shamrock Miklos
rio Troglodite
yamasaki Hammerer


Welcome to KUMAMOTO JAPAN Happy Winter Hunt 2009!

Rule :
1. Find polaroid pictures put all over the SIM. Then touch it to get a gift-exchange ticket. There are also dummy tickets, so look carefully! There are in total 11 real ones (no1, no2, no3, no4-A, no4-B, no4-C, no5, no6, no7, no8, no9).
Hunting period : 15 (0:00 SLT) 〜 25 (0:00 SLT) December 2009

NOTICE : for no4, you have to find all the 3 tickets (no4-A, no4-B, no4-C) to get no4's gift!!

2. Bring the ticket(s) that you found to our Gift-exchange place DURING THE EXCHANGE PERIOD. Our gift-exchange staffs (tagged "KUMAMOTO HILLS CELEB") will help you to get the gift(s) which correspond(s) to your ticket(s). Naturally, you can get all the gifts if you find all 11 tickets.
Gift exchange period : 25 〜 27 December 2009
Gift exchange place : Snowman ice skating rink

ATTENTION! Please refer the board at Gift-exchange place to learn how to give your ticket(s) & get gift(s). You can also check hunt gifts there. You can get your gift(S) ONLY WHEN OUR GIFT-EXCHANGE STAFF IS PRESENT AT THE PLACE. Thank you for your understanding.

3 ) SPECIAL INFO!! We will select in a drawing 1 winner from the people who participated in the hunt (who exchanged the gifts) to get our surprising prize, which is 10000L!!!!

This hunt's objective is not only giving away our gifts but also enhancing friendship between the hunt participants and KUMAMOTO JAPAN. So please feel free to ask questions or talk to us:)) Come and enjoy this hunt where you have a chance to get gifts as well as a special prize!!

Your contacts during the hunt:
Neuilles Neuman
tagoneko Pizzicato
Kennykenny Rubble
Gracy Haggwood
Shamrock Miklos
rio Troglodite
yamasaki Hammerer

I prepared 2 gifts :))


Winter sale & Lucky Board

I wanted to do something this month then decided to put LB as well as winter sale!!
All products are discounted -50% or more. LB has 3 different outfits!

Check the shop and get as many products as you want!!

It's me running around Kumamoto SIM :))