Matriochka gatcha!

New gatcha item :D
 NuDoLu Voyage Matriochka retro gatcha AD
Russian doll gatcha 12 colors + secret
3 dolls included : wear to head + wear to hug + REZ
trans OK

Hope you like it <3

Available @ NuDoLu main store and NuDoLu Voyage

Sakura bottles @ TGGS

New items for The Gallry Gift Shop <3

NuDoLu Voyage Bouteille de Sakura Matriocha AD
 Russian doll's cherry blossom bottle (16 prims / trans OK)

NuDoLu Voyage Bouteille de Sakura AD
Cherry blossom bottles and glasses (20 prims+5prims+2prims) : 1 glass is to wear (drink animation) / trans OK

These items are available until May 14th!! :D

New tops and LB :D

New release :
NuDoLu Pull au crochet AD
Crochet lace tops all 6 colors

New LB item (group member only)
NuDoLu Debardeur long LB AD
Tanktop dress to wear with the new tops :D

TP to NuDoLu mainstore