For your Christmas and 2013...

- New release :

I made a 1 prim wall deco with winter like pictures I took in RL :D

Copy & mod OK

NuDoLu Voyage Mes photos en hiver AD

Available @ NuDoLu Voyage

- New group gift & LB

I wore one of my socks and it isn't bad!!!

Group gift ↓

NuDoLu Bonnet de Noel group gift AD

2 colors included / non rigged mesh / Christmas version

Lucky board ↓

NuDoLu Bonnet de 2013 LB AD

Non rigged mesh / 2013 version

*It is also sold for those who cannot wait :))

Available @ NuDoLu main store & NuDoLu Voyage

Christmas @ TGGS!

Inspired by Christmas's famous ballet "The Nutcracker Suite", I made 2 music boxes for TGGS! (until 14th Jan)

Non rigged mesh
Trans OK
Music : "Dance of Sugar plum fairy"

NuDoLu Voyage Nutcracker music box AD

 They would be great Christmas gifts for you and your beloved <3

Also, TGGS team made snowman gifts at the huge woodern Christmas tree.
Here is NuDoLu's snowman :D

Hope you like them <3

RMK Frost Fair 2012

Exclusive items for Frost Fair 2012 <3

NuDoLu Robe en maille style vintage Frost AD

Rigged mesh (Pls try on DEMO before your purchase)

Schedule : Dec 1st  - 31st
Place : RMK Gothic SIM

For more info :

Many designers are participating to this event. Pls come by to get exclusive items and gifts <3333

New dress and gatcha

1. Rigged mesh
Vintage style knit dress
All 6 colors
Patterns : birds, kittens, doggies

NuDoLu Robe en maille style vintage AD

2. Non rigged mesh
Cat ear knit cap
All 24 versions
Trans OK (resize script included)
I made less versions than rabbit ear caps so that you can have more chance to get what you want :D

NuDoLu Bonnet chaton gatcha AD

Hope you like them <333

Available @ NuDoLu mainstore

New release @ NuDoLu Voyage

Card holder necklace all 10 versions
Copy Ok / non rigged mesh
NuDoLu Voyage Collier de porte carte AD

and group gift version <3
NuDoLu Voyage Collier de porte carte Matriochka group gift AD

Come to NuDoLu Voyage :D

New @ the Gallery Gift Shop

2 outfit sets are released in TGGS for november rotation from 15th Nov to 14th Dec <3

Cat ears hat + sweater + pants / set
Colors : peach or sky blue
Hat : non rigged mesh
Sweater and pants : rigged mesh

La serie Nuage Peche for TGGS AD
La serie Nuage Ciel for TGGS AD

Available @ The Gallery Gift Shop

Wall deco @ NuDoLu Voyage

1 prim wall deco
copy + mod OK

These are the pics I took in RL... hope this item lightens your home <3

 Available @ NuDoLu Voyage

New relase, gatcha and new LB item

1. Rabbit ear knot cap gatcha
Trans OK / with resize script
Non rigged mesh
All 35 versions

NuDoLu Bonnet lapin gatcha AD

2. Denim + knit leggings pants
Rigged mesh
All 2 denim colors x 4 leggings colors

NuDoLu Pantalon jean + laine AD

 3. New LB item
Rigged mesh
Group member only

NuDoLu Pantalon jean + laine LB color   

TP to NuDoLu main store

New relase and SGB Halloween Festa 2012

* New release

NuDoLu Pull relax en laine AD

Rigged mesh
Relax sweater
All 4 colors

Pls try demo <3

NuDoLu main store

* The Gallery Gift Shop new rotation : 15th October - 14th November

NuDoLu Voyage Lampe de Matriochka w-leaves for TGGS AD

NuDoLu Voyage Lampe de Matriochka for TGGS AD

Russian doll's table lamp Autumn color with or without leaves <3
3 versions set
trans OK

The Gallery Gift Shop

* SGB Halloween Festa 2012 : 19 - 31 October

Exclusive & special price item

NuDoLu Voyage Gamaguchi a la main SGB SP AD

Theme : Khaki or Leaf

There are lots of gifts / discount items by many many designers <3

SGBs Resort Mall 

New! Hand bag and group gift for Halloween

New release :

NuDoLu Voyage Gamaguchi a la main AD

Gamaguchi hand bag all 15 sets : 2 versions per set (good deal!)
Copy OK / 3 holding poses

Group gift:

NuDoLu Halloween group gift AD

I made a new group gift for Halloween but wanted to do a little different :)

So this is a little hunt to find a NuDoLu's Matriocha doll to get the gift. Pls read the group notice for more details.

TP to NuDoLu main store or NuDoLu Voyage

New release & hunt gift

New rigged mesh tunic is released <3

Plain color + motif version set
*NuDoLu is using standard sizing for all the rigged mesh products
NuDoLu Grande tunique AD
Available @ NuDoLu main store

And gift for All about Autumn fair and acorn hunt *Pls look for acorn object :)
NuDoLu Voyage Cadre de photo Matriochka AD
Hunt location : Old Europe Village

New for TGGS

New exclusive items for The Gallery Gift Shop! (15th Sep - 14th Oct)

Rigged mesh : Russian doll's tops and heart tops <3

*All the rigged mesh clothing by NuDoLu is based on standard sizing :D


New! Rigged mesh tank

NuDoLu released 2 versions mesh tank :D

1. Lovely message tank / all 5 colors

2. See-through lace tank / all 4 colors

Hope you like them <3

Available @ NuDoLu main store

New release ! Mesh tops

1. Rigged mesh tops / all 8 colors
NuDoLu Pull des couleurs AD

2. Vintage rigged mesh long dress / all 5 colors *The Vintage Fair 2012 release NuDoLu Robe de vacances Oiseaux AD

Available @ NuDoLu main store 

3. Vintage russian doll / 3 types included => REZ, hug and wear on the head NuDoLu Voyage Matriochka de vacances AD

Available @ NuDoLu Voyage 

Hope you like them <3

New release : mesh camisole and straw hat!

New release @ NuDoLu main store

1. Rigged mesh camisole : all 4 colors x 2 patterns

2. Dot straw hat : all 6 colors

And a new LB item! (group members only) : mesh camisole

New @ The Gallery Gift Shop

New rotation has started! (15th Aug - 14th Sep)

1. Mesh camisole 2 colors set *Pls try DEMO before your purchase!

2. Straw hat (2 colors) & Russian dolls (2 colors : you can hug) set

Available at The Gallery Gift Shop <3

Leggings LB

New LB is up!

Hope you like it <3

Abailable at NuDoLu main store or NuDoLu Voyage 

Vintage Fair 2012

NuDoLu's first rigged mesh is gonna debut at Vintage Fair 2012 (August 4th - 29th)!

1. Rigged mesh vintage long dress
NuDoLu Robe de vacances Oiseaux AD

2. Rissian doll also wearing vintage clothes
NuDoLu Voyage Matriochka de vacances AD

3. Exclusive color straw hat (only available at this event)
NuDoLu Chapeau de messieurs Vintage Fair SP AD

NuDoLu @ Vintage Fair 2012
(The sim isn't open to public until August 4th)


And finally new group gift!
 NuDoLu Group gift 2012 august

Pls come get to NuDoLu main store or NuDoLu Voyage :D

TGGS 1st anniversary!

The Gallery Gift Shop has started a hunt to celebrate its 1st anniversary!
So NuDoLu is offering a hunt gift as well as new items for July rotation :D

New items : Russian doll's summer pool (bathtab...? lol)
NuDoLu Voyage Piscine de Matriochka Rouge AD NuDoLu Voyage Piscine de Matriochka Bleu AD
Hunt item : Russian doll's water server (you can get a glass of water by touching it!) NuDoLu Voyage bar de l'eau for TGGS hunt AD

And here is Hunt hints!

Hope you can enjoy our special event!!!

There are some of NuDoLu's old TGGS items on sale as well!! 
For example, June rotation items (I forgot to blog about them >_<)
NuDoLu Voyage Pot de pluie Matriochka BL-A AD NuDoLu Voyage Pot de pluie Matriochka BL-B AD

TGGS location

New @ The Gallery Gift Shop

New items for the new rotation ! (until 14th June)
Russian doll's bottle lights / 2 colors set / trans OK
Russian doll's decoration bottles / 2 colors set / trans OK


Culture Shock 2012 started!

Culture Shock 2012 has started! This event is held until May 26th.

Exclusive / new items from NuDoLu are waiting for you <3

Enjoy shopping!

You can get to NuDoLu's booth here

Event organizer : CHIC Management

Culture Shock 2012

NuDoLu's exclusive and new items for Culture Shock 2012 :D

Exclusive items : Hair accessory and dress set (100% charity)

New items (will be sold at the store after the event is over) :
Russian doll's room light and bottle / copy OK
Lotus flower candles / 2 candles set / copy OK
Antique necklaces / copy OK

LM will be informed after the event starts!