Xiasumi school festival!

I didn't have time to blog here in October... I'm so sorry!!

You can catch up my activities in October here

And this November, I'm participating in 2 events : 1 of them is Xiasumi school festival. This event's theme is Japanese school festival with 10 themes : Sports, School, Dormitory, Maid/Butler Cafe, Food, Kawaii/Animal, Shrine/Garden, Haunted House, Concert/Theatre, and Culture.

NuDoLu is in the cultural theme (traditional fashion/goods) which is on th 2nd floor of the main building!

NuDoLu Tabi chaussettes + Zori AD
NuDoLu Tabi chaussettes + Zori All colors

Also, I'm selling an exclusive donation item for Xiasumi school festival to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children fund!

NuDoLu Tabi chaussettes + Zori Kobana donation item 
※Donation items are in a Japanese building by the shrine area!!

Come to Xiasumi school festival