December already!!

December which means Christmas is coming soon.

I put 2 gifts by my shop. I'm planning to change the gifts once in a while till Christmas :)

NuDoLu open!

Finally, I can open my shop:)

I can't wait to meet all the people that I know/ don't know so that we can talk and have fun together! Give me your suggestion/ advice/ anything you feel about NuDoLu. And there are so many unique shops / camps in Kumamoto SIM, so pls come discover them!


My old freebies

I made a Jazz cafe before making NuDoLu as an event to realize Showa Era in Japan (1926~1989) in Kumamoto SIM, and I put two freebies in the cafe. Go check there if you're interested :) There are other cute/ funny shops in the area. You can walk around, relax, take pictures, anything you want!


This time I put room/ shop decorations. Hope you like them!

* Hoshigaki is dried persimmons which we make especially in fall / winter in Japan. The dried persimmons get very sweet. They can be kids' sweets or New Year's decoration. So I wanted to make something that we can feel the season but cutie way:) Even if you don't know about Hoshigaki, I hope you like it!

Shop preview 3

I think I made too many stuff... I'll try to put them all in the shop but we'll see!


Shop preview 2

There are other colors too:)

Shop preview

I couldn't put here but there are other stuff as well.

NuDoLu open soooon!!

Voila, I'm now preparing my new boutique in Kumamoto SIM.

I'll post soon the landmark here :))

Hope you come visit my shop and enjoy some of my stuff!