New @ TCF

New item for The Chapter Four ! (November 4th - 20th)

This time you can get 2 items for 1 item price !

Knit mini dress all 10 colors <3
NuDoLu Robe mini en maille AD
NuDoLu Robe mini en maille all colors AD

And I've put my previous TCF items as well as TSS items at the main store
NuDoLu Pull d'automne & Shorts en tweed AD

NuDoLu Blouse peplum & Shorts aux motifs AD
NuDoLu Blouse peplum all colors AD
Hope you like it!

TCF October round!

OMG I forgot to update there again!

Sorry I've been very busy in RL these days but I'll keep up as much as possible!

So here is my new item for The Chapter Four October round (Oct. 4th - 20th).
Under 100L room!
NuDoLu Pull d'automne & Shorts en tweed AD

NuDoLu Pulld'automne all colors AD

NuDoLu Shorts en tweed all colors AD

Hope you enjoy my Autumn oufit <3

TCF new item & anniversary gift & group gift !

TCF cerebrates this month its 2nd anniversary!
So you can get not only under 100L items from my shop but also anniversary gift :D

Special price item : peplum tops all 8 colors
NuDoLu Top peplum AD
NuDoLu Top peplum all colors AD

TCF 2nd anniversary gift  (mint color flat shoes) : *you need to wear TCF group tag
NuDoLu TCF 2nd anniversary gift AD

Finally NuDoLu's group gift! (pink animal fur flat shoes)
I'm sorry I haven't had much time to make gifts but I'll try to make as many as possible :D
NuDoLu Ballerines printemps group gift AD

TP to NuDoLu main store & TCF

Xiasumi School Festival and TCF April round!

I didn't update this blog for a while because of RL...sorry!

This month, NuDoLu is participating to three events! I'll introduce two of them today :

1. Xiasumi School Festival has come back in this spring season :D (April 3rd - 21st)

The designers are gathered participating in several school activties : NuDoLu is in music club!
NuDoLu Mon club de musique gacha AD
NuDoLu Mon club de musique gacha All colors
*My booth is on the 3rd floor in the right building facing auditorium : Go to the festival! 

2. The Chapter Four April round (April 4th - 25th)

NuDoLu is in the gacha room!

NuDoLu Mon cabas initial gacha AD
NuDoLu Mon cabas initial gacha all colors
Hope to see you there!! :D

Go to TCF!

New for The Chapter Four

I forgot to write here about November & December events... I'm sorry! >_<
If you're interested you can see my pics in Flickr.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope all tour wishes come true in this new year !!

NuDoLu's 2015 starts with TCF, under 100L room :D

Oversized long knit & wide leather pants :

NuDoLu Pull oversize AD
NuDoLu Pull oversize all colors AD
NuDoLu Pantalon large AD
NuDoLu Pantalon large all color AD

Hope to see you there!

Xiasumi school festival!

I didn't have time to blog here in October... I'm so sorry!!

You can catch up my activities in October here

And this November, I'm participating in 2 events : 1 of them is Xiasumi school festival. This event's theme is Japanese school festival with 10 themes : Sports, School, Dormitory, Maid/Butler Cafe, Food, Kawaii/Animal, Shrine/Garden, Haunted House, Concert/Theatre, and Culture.

NuDoLu is in the cultural theme (traditional fashion/goods) which is on th 2nd floor of the main building!

NuDoLu Tabi chaussettes + Zori AD
NuDoLu Tabi chaussettes + Zori All colors

Also, I'm selling an exclusive donation item for Xiasumi school festival to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children fund!

NuDoLu Tabi chaussettes + Zori Kobana donation item 
※Donation items are in a Japanese building by the shrine area!!

Come to Xiasumi school festival

Arcade September 2014!

New gacha item for The Arcade gacha <3

1: suitcase to wear (with hold pose) A or B
2: babouches (Slink flat feet required) A or B
3: shirts (REZ) A or B
4: lingerie bag (REZ) A or B
5: parfum bottle and shampoo/shower gel tubes (REZ) A or B
6: rabbit doll to wear (with hold pose) A or B
RARE: empty suitcase (REZ) A or B

NuDoLu Bon voyage gacha all colors AD
NuDoLu's machine → HERE