Style book

It's getting warmer and warmer in SL. Let's go out to feel the spring breeze<3
Shirt : La charme de dentelles by NuDoLu

Hair : kik
Skin : ESUGA
Hair flower : JETDOLL
Jeans : GryphonWings

Style book - Kurage

Style book - Kurage, originally uploaded by Neuilles.

Hat, Dress : NuDoLu
Hair : Cri-cri
Boots : Duh
Bag : B.O.S

New! La Nuit de Meduse : 2 colors

NuDoLu's very first hats!! Image of jellyfish (can you tell??) 
Touch to make them glow. Including 2 versions.
I wanted to make fantasy stuff. Hope you like them<3


available @ main store and Nanden Kanden market

Free gift from NuDoLu!

As I mentioned before, I replaced NuDoLu's free gift in my mainstore!!


Antique linen dress for spring / summer

I made two versions of antique linen dress for spring / summer. You can wear with or without short pants or skirt prim:)

I used again the kitty motif which is sooooo cute for one of these two versions!




JP) ここに商品情報以外の記事を載せるのはもしかして初めてかもしれません。




EN) Most likely it's my first time to write not-shop-information stuff here.
Hello---- it's Neuilles!

I'm soooooooooooooo happy that more and more people come to my shop. I noticed that pretty many people came to grab my free gift so now I'm considering to renew the gift:)

Pls come again to check out my new stuff as well as gift which would be evaluated with my progress in creation wise!

And maaaaaaaaaaaaybe I will make a Paris tourist information spot in my shop in the near future!

FR) C'est probablement mon premier article à part des infos sur les nouveautés.
Salut c'est Neuilles!

Je suis vraiment contente de voir de plus en plus de gens venir à ma boutique. Je viens de me rendre compte que pas mal de gens sont venus prendre mon cadeau, alors maintenant j'aimerais faire un autre cadeau:)

Revenez à ma boutique pour voir mes créations qui se développent avec ma évaluation technique et artistique!

En plus il y aura peut-êeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetre une agence de tourisme de Paris dans la boutique dans le futur!

New arrival : Dot dot and dot

Released 2 sets of tops + dress this time. 1 set contains lace bottom/ sleeves as well as no lace ones.

I made as many as layers possible so that you can wear as you like! I mean SO MANY layers so you might get lost n your inventry...LOL. In that case, pls IM me:)))


Available @ mainstore & Nanden Kanden market

New arrive:don't lose your money when you go shopping!

I made Granma's coin purse w/ 5 colors. I love this kinda purse and I literarily collect them in RL... Put this purse when you go shopping so that you won't lose your change<3