New @ The Gallery Gift Shop

New items for the new rotation ! (until 14th June)
Russian doll's bottle lights / 2 colors set / trans OK
Russian doll's decoration bottles / 2 colors set / trans OK


Culture Shock 2012 started!

Culture Shock 2012 has started! This event is held until May 26th.

Exclusive / new items from NuDoLu are waiting for you <3

Enjoy shopping!

You can get to NuDoLu's booth here

Event organizer : CHIC Management

Culture Shock 2012

NuDoLu's exclusive and new items for Culture Shock 2012 :D

Exclusive items : Hair accessory and dress set (100% charity)

New items (will be sold at the store after the event is over) :
Russian doll's room light and bottle / copy OK
Lotus flower candles / 2 candles set / copy OK
Antique necklaces / copy OK

LM will be informed after the event starts!