Style book with Matriochka

style book de Matriochka
Hair : Analog dog /Pants : (left) mocha, (right) milk motion / 
Socks : Mother Goose / Shoes : Fabulously Dead
Tops & Bag : NuDoLu

New arrival : Tank-top and denim pants!

I'd been working on skirt script & texture and finally I gotta make the ones I like :)) I love these 4-colors tops and made also my first denim pants <3 Hope you like them!!

ここのところ、スカルプトとテクスチャの制作で四苦八苦しておりましたが(レベル低い?)やっとこさ自分で納得できる作品が出来ました〜。 いやーよかったよかった。ついでにNuDoLu初のデニムパンツも作ってしまった。楽しかった。宜しければお店に見に来て下さい♬

Debardeur de Matriochka AD

Jean de NuDoLu AD

Another new @ NuDoLu voyage

4 patterned Gamaguchi big bag for your trip and 1 prim plants with Russian dolls!

The reason why I travel AD

Plantes de Matriochkas AD

思わず旅に出たくなるような(?)がま口タイプのバッグをNuDoLu voyageからリリースしました!また、マトリューシュカシリーズでファンタジックな植物(のようなもの)も作りましたので、ぜひお店に見に来て下さい♬

Available @ NuDoLu voyage

Free gift for Kumamoto Japan

The reason why I travel Kumamoto AD

I put a free gamaguchi big bag for Kumamoto Japan SIM! I couldn't participate in the SIM's 3th anniversary because of my busy RL but I wanted to make something for that... and here you are :)) Hope you like it as well as Kumamoto Japan<3


Available @ NuDoLu voyage

NuDoLu voyage!

Matriochkas a la maison AD

I made a new 1 prim curtain with Russian dolls for NuDoLu voyagee <3 For prim limited home and shops! Come to the shop to see what it looks like. 


Available @ NuDoLu voyage

New short summer lace tops arrived!

Rose patterned short tops released... there are 3 colors : white, red and mint. Hope you like them!

Ma rose AD

Available @ main shop