New release! Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans denim colors <3

Rigged mesh
All 8 colors (2 colors x 4 patterns)

NuDoLu Jeans skinny Denim AD

Hope you like it<3
TP to NuDoLu maont store

New item for The Gallery Gift Shop and group gift

New item for TGGS (new round : March 15th - April 14th) :

Skinny jeans all 4 colors
Rigged mesh
NuDoLu Jeans skinny for TGGS AD

Hope you like it :D
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And I put also a new group gift at the main store :

Skinny jeans group gift version
Rigged mesh

NuDoLu Jeans skinny Group Gift AD

Get it at NuDoLu main store

New! Spring collection

New relase from NuDoLu :D

Glitter tinic / tops with lace
Rigged mesh
All 10 colors each

NuDoLu Tunique de lumiere AD

NuDoLu Pull de lumiere AD

... and pastel color skinny jeans
Rigged mesh
All 16 colors

NuDoLu Jeans skinny AD

Available @ NuDoLu main shop

RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt

NuDoLu is particitating in Alice in RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt

Period : March 1st - 31st
Place : RMK Gothic SIM
*You have to find bunnies to get each shop's exchange ticket before coming to exchange your prize to the shop

Pls read how to play in Bunny Hunt official site : here

Hunt prize from NuDoLu : Blue knit sweater (rigged mesh)

NuDoLu Pull relax en laine for Alice in RMK AD

Happy hunting <3