New relase, gatcha and new LB item

1. Rabbit ear knot cap gatcha
Trans OK / with resize script
Non rigged mesh
All 35 versions

NuDoLu Bonnet lapin gatcha AD

2. Denim + knit leggings pants
Rigged mesh
All 2 denim colors x 4 leggings colors

NuDoLu Pantalon jean + laine AD

 3. New LB item
Rigged mesh
Group member only

NuDoLu Pantalon jean + laine LB color   

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New relase and SGB Halloween Festa 2012

* New release

NuDoLu Pull relax en laine AD

Rigged mesh
Relax sweater
All 4 colors

Pls try demo <3

NuDoLu main store

* The Gallery Gift Shop new rotation : 15th October - 14th November

NuDoLu Voyage Lampe de Matriochka w-leaves for TGGS AD

NuDoLu Voyage Lampe de Matriochka for TGGS AD

Russian doll's table lamp Autumn color with or without leaves <3
3 versions set
trans OK

The Gallery Gift Shop

* SGB Halloween Festa 2012 : 19 - 31 October

Exclusive & special price item

NuDoLu Voyage Gamaguchi a la main SGB SP AD

Theme : Khaki or Leaf

There are lots of gifts / discount items by many many designers <3

SGBs Resort Mall 

New! Hand bag and group gift for Halloween

New release :

NuDoLu Voyage Gamaguchi a la main AD

Gamaguchi hand bag all 15 sets : 2 versions per set (good deal!)
Copy OK / 3 holding poses

Group gift:

NuDoLu Halloween group gift AD

I made a new group gift for Halloween but wanted to do a little different :)

So this is a little hunt to find a NuDoLu's Matriocha doll to get the gift. Pls read the group notice for more details.

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