NuDoLu voyage again

I added some LPs and LP jackets to "Souvenirs de voyages" shelf and made another new items called "Ma musique préférée"!! There are French POP version and Rock and POP version. I kinda love these shelves because I always want to be close to music<3


  Available at NuDoLu voyage

For your souvenirs shelf...

Have you ever thought of displaying all your souvenirs from your SL experience to one place? I have! So I made a shelf so that you can put all of your picture frames, little dolls, cute animals (!), etc. This is made by only 2 prims so it won't be heavy for your room<3


 Available @ NuDoLu voyage

Style Book Avril

Hair : Zero Style
Scarf : Mr. Poet
Pants : Sensual Mistery
Shirt : NuDoLu

You can be a bird! NEW ARRIVAL je suis un oiseau

I made new tops and pants with my favorite feather<3 There are 4 colors of tops and pants sold separately so you can play with these colors by wearing ramdomly! Hope you like them and feel a little romantic/ fantastic. There are 2 versions of pants (long ans short)!


Available at all NuDoLu shop (except NuDoLu voyage)

NuDoLu voyage open!

The owner of KUMAMOTO Japan kindly let us use the land that we used for a contest before! So I decided to make a different shop from ordinary NuDoLu shop, which is "NuDoLu voyage". The concept is voyage = travel : it can be a travel to foreign country or can be a time travel... I hope to make as many poducts as possible to make you happy:D

So here is some of the items I have already put in the shop!
Hope you drop to this shop and look around what we have:))
There will be a cafe and dance hall in the SIM in near future!!!

NEW! Les 3 robes de couleurs

2 colors added to the cherry blossom dress! Now there are 3 colors and each color contains a hat, 2 versions of dress and a tatoo!!! Pls come to the main shop or Nanden Kanden market to get them:))


Left to right:
Le Temps de Cerisiers (pink) / La Sérénade (blue) / La Poupée française (flower print)

Easter limited giftie

Limited time : April 2 until 10
Find the egg bowl in the picture below in my main shop.
The gift is secret! Hope you like my gift<3


New Arrival : for the season of cherry blossom

I made cherry blossom dress (there are 2 versions of bottom) & hat & tatoo for spring!! I also used black lace to go with cherry blossoms. Hope you like it<3


 Available at main store and Nanden Kanden market