La Famille de Matriochka + la Petite Matriochka : Cute Russian dolls set!!


I made 2 colors Matriochka dolls sets. 1 set contains 3 different sized dolls to rez as well as 1 small doll to wear. You can find them in both mainstore and KUMAMOTO JP's common market<3  

Common market @ KUMAMOTO JAPAN SIM

NuDoLu is now participating in a common market in KUMAMOTO JP.

This market doesn't have a name yet but it will be announced very soon:))

I made an exclusive version of Matriochka long tee @ cheaper price to celebrate market's opening!!

Thanks zala!

"Wonder Avatar Fashion" is one of favorite blogs about SL fashion.

Oneday, I got to know zala Wonder! She is such a sweet girl and featured my valentine shirt on her blog!
Thank you soooooo much zala<3

Her attachment skill is so creative and inspiring... check her blog out!

NuDoLu in Wonder Avater Fashion

Style book2

Style book2, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
Girl's style with Tee for Two!

hair: lamb
scarf: LaRosa
shirt : NuDoLu
skirt : SMS
leggings : DUBOO

Style book1

Style book1, originally uploaded by Neuilles.
Boys style with Tee for Two <3 hair : YunA’sHAIR jacket : Modd G shirt : NuDoLu

Matriochka long teeeeeeeeees

first collection Matriochka item is out<3
4 color wool-ish long tees

to look this photo closer : here

Valentine special <3

I know it's still January, but I made anyway a special wool tees for St. Valentine : 2 wool tees a set. You can transfer this to give your beloved or best friend! There is a small message on the back saying "ur my Valentine!"

This is also one of Matriochka colletion. I will release normal Matriochla tees very soon!

まだ1月ですが、バレンタインに向けてウールのTシャツセットを作りました。トランス可なので、好きな人またはお友達にプレゼントできます!首のところに小さく"ur my Valentine!"というメッセージ入り。


NuDoLu Les petites Matriochkas

Since I saw a whole bunch of Russian dolls (Matryoshka in EN, Matriochka in FR) in Primtemps Paris, I wanted to add these cute dolls to my new winter collection.

Voila, the first Matriochka collection : 1 prim curtain with Matriochkas I draw by myself!

NuDoLu deco new arrive!

Lightening decollation items for your home/ shop<3

New Year gift from NuDoLu <3

I put a New Year's gift in the shop!

Don't miss it because this is out till 6th Jan. After that, it will be sold as a new collection item<3
The gift is in the board below. Just touch it to get the gift :))) What's the gift? Well, find out when you get it!!


New Year card from me<3

Thanks all for having visited my shop and this blog to check out what I have made:))

I'll do my best this year as well to create something that makes you happy!

Some of my new collection is already out as well as free gift! Pls go check them out then tell me what you think:))