New release & hunt gift

New rigged mesh tunic is released <3

Plain color + motif version set
*NuDoLu is using standard sizing for all the rigged mesh products
NuDoLu Grande tunique AD
Available @ NuDoLu main store

And gift for All about Autumn fair and acorn hunt *Pls look for acorn object :)
NuDoLu Voyage Cadre de photo Matriochka AD
Hunt location : Old Europe Village

New for TGGS

New exclusive items for The Gallery Gift Shop! (15th Sep - 14th Oct)

Rigged mesh : Russian doll's tops and heart tops <3

*All the rigged mesh clothing by NuDoLu is based on standard sizing :D


New! Rigged mesh tank

NuDoLu released 2 versions mesh tank :D

1. Lovely message tank / all 5 colors

2. See-through lace tank / all 4 colors

Hope you like them <3

Available @ NuDoLu main store

New release ! Mesh tops

1. Rigged mesh tops / all 8 colors
NuDoLu Pull des couleurs AD

2. Vintage rigged mesh long dress / all 5 colors *The Vintage Fair 2012 release NuDoLu Robe de vacances Oiseaux AD

Available @ NuDoLu main store 

3. Vintage russian doll / 3 types included => REZ, hug and wear on the head NuDoLu Voyage Matriochka de vacances AD

Available @ NuDoLu Voyage 

Hope you like them <3