New arrival @ NuDoLu Voyage

NuDoLu Voyage Matriochka en hiver AD NuDoLu Voyage Bougies en hiver AD
2 new items @ NuDoLu Voyage :D
Russian dolls set and candle set (4 colors each). You can set the candle flame on/off by touching the wick.

This might be (mostlikely) the last release in 2011. Thank you all of you for the support for NuDoLu and NuDoLu Voyage this year! I feel really happy when I find you guys' blog posts (sorry I can't comment on all of it but I always enjoy your blogs!) with my items and that brings me lots of inspirations to my next creation!!

I wish you happy holidays and look forward to see you in 2012 <3


2011年もNuDoLuおよびNuDoLu Voyageを応援していただきまして有り難うございました!NuDoLuを取り上げた皆さんのブログ(全てにコメントする時間がなくて申し訳ないのですが、いつも読ませていただいてます♥)を見る度にとても嬉しく、それがまた次の制作への意欲となっています。


TP to NuDoLu Voyage

New @ TGGS

The Gallery Gift Shop dec/jan routine (Dec 15 - Jan 14) has started and here is new items from NuDoLu <3
Russian doll Christmas & New Year version : NuDoLu Voyage Mademoiselle Noel for TGGS AD
They will be nice as Christmas & New Year greetings for your friends:D NuDoLu Voyage Mademoiselle 2012 for TGGS AD
TGGSの新しいルーティーン(12/15~1/14)が始まり、NuDoLuもちょっと遅刻気味に新商品を設置しました☆ マトリューシュカちゃんのメリクリバージョンとあけおめバージョンです。年末年始のご挨拶代わりにプレゼントしても楽しいと思います。

TP to The Gallery Gift Shop

New for Christmas and winter

New items, LB and group gift to keep you warm :D

New items : Retro series with warm colors and romantic motifs<3
NuDoLu Tunique retro des roses AD NuDoLu Chapeau retro de fillette AD NuDoLu Gilet long retro AD
Merry happy group gift :  Green hat and red sweaterNuDoLu Christmas group gift AD
LB(group member only) : NuDoLu Chapeau du Noel rouge LB AD NuDoLu Pull du Noel vert LB AD
You can find them all @ NuDoLu main shop
Hope you like them and have a happy happy Christmas <3