The Gallery Gift Shop 2nd anniversary!!

Doooooooh! I forgot to post this very important event...TGGS's 2nd anniversary hunt (until 14h August)!

NuDoLu is participating to TGGS from its opening and this has been a wonderful experience for me... I really want to thank all the TGGS designers/artistes and especially my sweet friend shortcake who are working so hard to make this event happen and keep a very very good atmosphere <3

So, like last year, TGGS is organizing an anniversary hunt adding more shops.

Hope you enjoy the hunt as well as my new items :D

<hunt item>
non rigged mesh moccasin shoes
NuDoLu TGGS anniversary hunt gift AD

<new special items>
rigged mesh relax pants 
for TGGS only <3
NuDoLu Pantalon antique de mamie Marine AD

NuDoLu Pantalon antique de mamie Hortensia AD

Hope to see you there <3